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For incoming students, full information on all courses being offered at the university is available on-line on the IVU website; course descriptions are in four languages (Turkish, English, Macedonian and Albanian). In addition, the website of the IRO lists all courses available in the same languages.

The IRO handles all incoming Erasmus students at IVU. Through an on-line form they apply for studies, accommodation (guaranteed in university residences) and a week-long orientation programme. Before arrival, they can register on-line for the specific courses they are interested in. Pre-semester Turkish courses are also offered.

Each international student is assigned an individual tutor by the university’s International Student Club. Its members care for incoming students and provide a rich programme for them during semester.

During semester the IRO sees to international students’ needs, runs and evaluates courses in English for them, arranges courses of Turkish language and organizes many events and excursions. At the end of their stay it provides transcripts and other documentation.

Outgoing Students
Administrative procedures for outgoing students are the responsibility of the IRO. It coordinates the bilateral agreements and monitors the selection of students. It holds information sessions for students who have been selected, communicates with coordinators at IVU and partner universities and deals with problems that arise while students are abroad. It disburses scholarship to students and handles all documentation relating to their stays abroad.


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