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Erasmus program is the program which facilitates student exchange with partner institutions across the EU and in the Associated Countries. The programme allows students registered at International Vision University to spend a semester or year abroad at one of IVU’s partner institution and to obtain full academic credit for so doing.


Students who are interested in studying abroad as part of their studies at UCC should follow the following steps:

  • Look at the list of partner universities available under the subject(s) that you are currently studying
  • Check what courses are offered by the university
  • Speak with the relevant Academic Coordinator to get further details.  The Academic Coordinator will help you to determine if the university you are interested in is suited to your own studies.

Once a suitable host university has been agreed upon with your Academic Coordinator, the Academic Coordinator will send your details to the International Office. Then, you will be required to complete an Online Application Form for the International Office.

 The main requirements of the Erasmus year abroad are as follows:

 Student may only study at a European destination

 Period abroad is part of the student’s studies at International Vision University (i.e. will receive academic credit)

 Student completes the relevant academic requirements set by the sending academic department(s)/school(s)

 Minimum duration is three months and Maximum duration is one academic year

 Student completes the required/agreed period abroad at host university.


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