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Mobility includes the freedom of students to choose the institution that will continue their studies, temporarily or permanently. Mobility also applies to the academic and scientific staff. Some of the benefits of mobility to wider employment opportunities, development of scientific research, exchange and training of teachers, gaining new experiences and cohesion between peoples. European mobility programs for students include Socrates, Leonardo da Vinci, Erasmus Mundus, Tempus and others.

International Vision University Mobility Section is responsible for:

Providing administrative-financial assistance to International Vision University outgoing and incoming staff, PhD candidates and students qualified for international mobility, in particular:

  1. mobility application forms and their verification,
  2. mobility procedures and settlement of advance payments,
  3. information on the rules of calculation of expenditures on mobility,
  4. mobility database,
  5. international insurance for staff, PhD candidates and students,
  6. financial assistance to mobility within Erasmus+,
  7. Coordinating the collaboration with travel agencies;
  8. Tendering call notices for the booking of air, train and bus tickets;
  9. Collaboration with the airlines.


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